Selecting A Door Knob

Door Knobs

You got a new door and now it is time for a new door knob.  You could go with a standard, plain door knob but, why would you? You can add a special touch to the exterior of your house and then continue on through the house. If you are wanting to tie in two different styles what better way than with your hardware for your doors?

Close your eyes and imagine your front door, it is new, gleaming in the sun and you look down at the knob and think “Hhhmmmm how plain is that!” So off to the store you go but what kind of statement are you wanting to make? You have a modern home all sleek and shiny but you LOVE the look of the door knobs of days gone by. Well you are in luck you can add a little flavor of the past to your fabulous new door.

I have some great tips to picking out the perfect hardware for your home:

  • Before taking the plunge, you need to settle on a finish and color, you are going for consistency on the interior of your home and get that statement knob for the front door.
  • Pay close attention to the knob since it will change the whole look of your door.
  • One of the biggest mistakes is adding a door with a lock on your closets, be careful when picking out a closet knob. If you are looking at closet knobs you can go with something different but stay with the same color.
  • Don’t wait for a remodel to switch things up!
  • If you have more than one outside door make sure you get doorknobs that are all keyed the same, last thing you want is to carry multiple keys.

5 styles to think about when picking a door knob is:

Center-Mounted – You will fall in love with this style. If you are changing your door completely then think about this type of doorknob they bring old world to new world and allows you to be creative.

Pull Handles – This style can be sleek and sophisticate while bringing symmetry to your entryway.

Barn handle pull – Barn door handle pulls are perfect for the closets, pantry and any sliding door you might have. They add a touch classic beauty to any room.

Cut-glass – These knobs are ornate and decadent.

Ceramic or Mosaic – Beautiful, colorful and style statement makers! Add your flair with a ceramic or mosaic doorknob.

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