What Makes A Luxury Bathroom?

What Makes A Luxury Bathroom?

I’m sure you are wondering what a luxury bathroom consists of. Most homeowners are looking for high-functioning and organized bathrooms. However, the goal for the most bathroom renovations is to create a relaxing and luxurious space in which the owners can find refuge.

The most common design for homeowners is to create a spa-like bathroom that is easy to maintain. From hidden medicine cabinets that clear clutter off the countertops to self-cleaning, no-touch flush toilets. There are so many products out there that are designed to be beautiful while also making life easier.  You want a calming, clean and useful bathroom that have high quality finishes and upgrades. Perhaps keeping electrical outlets in the drawers to keep them out of sight and clean.

Bathroom mirrors are also one of those features to add to your bathroom to create a luxurious feel. Bathroom mirrors are joining to the revolution of technology and increasing trends. Some mirrors are becoming higher tech with Bluetooth capabilities so they can connect to your smartphones and tablets. Did you know these mirrors even come with special lighting and defogging? Isn’t technology amazing.

Don’t forget to use beautiful finishes. You can use hand painted tiles from floor to ceiling, freestanding tubs and integrated stone sinks which are the top trends for the bathroom and showers. You can find so many of these beautiful finishes at Plumbtile.

Don’t Forget about Eco-Friendly Products!

Another top trend to make your bathroom a luxury room is to choose items that are eco-friendly. Sustainability is of the utmost importance when it comes to building, especially in a bathroom. With all of the bathroom designs the highest-quality products are used and to verify that all the materials are not emitting harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Indoor environment quality has a significant impact on one’s overall wellbeing.

Choosing eco-friendly products such as a toilet is extremely important. Toilets are now using no more than 1.25 gallons of water to flush. These energy and water saving toilets are continuing to improve. We now have some that use only 1.0/.8 gallons of water per flush.  Make sure to choose every eco-friendly product you can find on Plumbtile to eliminate any waste or water or electricity.

Allow as much natural light into the bathroom as possible. Utilize in-wall cabinetry in applications where space is limited. Medicine cabinets and other in-wall cabinets are designed at about 4 inches deep and just wide enough to fit between the existing studs in the wall without infringing on the existing bathroom floor plan. Even a small bathroom can flow and feel comfortable when storage is used properly.

You can find all of these products and more at Plumbtile. One of our specialists are waiting to assist you with any questions about our products.