The Masculine Bathroom for Your Home

Bathrooms don’t have to be all frilly and full of flowers. Just because you want your spa and sanctuary, doesn’t mean it can’t have a masculine touch. Some of the most beautiful, modern rooms have a masculine feel. It can be sophisticated and sleek while maintaining warmth and tranquility.

I bet you are wondering how you can achieve a masculine bathroom. By using materials such as wood or metal, it will exude masculinity with an industrial flare.

You will want to use neutral colors as for your masculine bathroom. The best colors would be softer neutral shades like grey or softer blue. I would definitely stay away from incorporating bright colors. The same goes for tiles. You can choose a mixture of neutral colors to define your look. That way you don’t throw the aesthetic off.

When designing or decorating your bathroom, don’t forget to tie it into your homes design. You don’t want your bathroom to have a completely different feel by decorating it completely opposite from the rest of your living quarters.  You want it to feel like it’s part of the home. An extension of your beautiful design. Concrete, wood, clean lines will tie into most home designs.

Don’t forget that every single detail matter. From the lights, mirrors, soap dish to the toilet, towel racks and floors. No detail is too big or too small. A proper masculine bathroom is about so much more than its primary functions. Every little detail counts. Give those little things the attention they deserve. Choose storage cabinets and vanities that will create the vibe you are going for while providing storage to keep your bathroom clean.

That includes the toilet. Plumbtile offers some great masculine choices for your bathroom. With all of the new technological advances you don’t have to settle for an ordinary toilet. Make sure you choose the perfect shower system or bath. You can find all of these and more at Plumbtile.