Creating a Sophisticated Kitchen

Kitchens are the hub of the home, so we need to make it inviting. When you are remodeling your home, make sure the kitchen is first on the list. If you are remodeling to sell the kitchen and the bath are what sells a home and increases the value. There are so many ways to make your kitchen into a sophisticated, modern timeless beauty.

Start by modernizing a kitchen with aesthetics. Perhaps maybe using open shelving to create a modern look while offering functionality. You can add high end appliances such as a wine fridge or wine cooler. Stainless steel appliances are very decorative and can work with any kitchen design you may have.

Another design choice to modernizing your kitchen is to give it shape.  Most sophisticated designs are square or rectangular. Your kitchen will be the talk of the neighborhood with your cutting-edge design. You could opt for using a beautiful piece of wood, live edge wood or wood slab for your countertop or kitchen island. Use concrete for the countertops to create a clean modern look. You can also mix elements to finish off that sophisticated look.

Think about your kitchen sinks and what type you are looking for. There are so many sinks that will fit any design. You want to make sure you choose something that is easy cleaning, keeps your kitchen looking sleek but also absolutely beautiful. Don’t forget kitchen accessories. They are just as important as using the correct countertops. Using and undercounter sink will create that modern clean design you are looking for. You can even use a farmhouse sink in a modern design. Nothing is off limits when bringing your kitchen to the next level with your modern touches. You just want to make sure all of the lines are clean and solid. Adding too much can take away from your style.

You can find all of the finishing touches at Plumbtile. If you have any questions one of our specialists are standing by to assist you.