Make a Walk in Shower Work in Your Bathroom


You want to change the look of your shower but are looking for ideas?  You have come to the right place!  Our friendly and expert staff at are always ready to lend a hand – from ideas and tips to purchasing and beyond. 


006If you have a small space, a shower stall made of glass would be a great solution.  Glass is a good material because it will keep in the water and let light in at the same time.  You can create a bench that can double as storage space just outside the shower.  If the area is dark, perhaps add a skylight.  Mirrors are also a good option in this type of situation.


Eliminate the bathtub and devote the entire area to the shower.  Enclose the shower completely in glass if desired or have tiles or panels to divide the space.  A bench (which could double as storage space) inside the shower could easily fit in with this design.  Showers of this kind can be very eye catching and would be a helpful asset to physically challenged people.


You could create a retreat or spa type of shower using stone accessories or bamboo look tiles in the shower.  Ideally suited for busy people who need to relax at the end of a challenging day.  By keeping most of the space in the same tone you will find that it will appear more spacious and help you unwind.  Lots of paneling and accessories are made with recycled materials so it can go along with your theme.  It can also give you the feeling of bringing the outside in.


Feel like a king or queen when your shower includes faucets like the ones shown below.  Have soft towels on a heated towel rack for when you come out of the shower.  Use warm colors like beige for your color scheme.  Use round or oval accessories such as baskets and your favorite soap in a nice display.


Love the sea air but live too far away?  How about the idea of creating a shower space
tile1-199x300using material from Oceana (you can purchase wonderful blue glass or have mermaids or pearl shells etched in the material; or floor tiles such as this one – you can get it at  Accessorize with shells, sand colored towels, or ocean themed accessories like dolphin toothbrush and soap holders.  You can let your imagination flow free.