Upgrading Your Bathroom on a Budget


Some of us don’t have the luxury of having a large living space or bathroom. But that’s ok, there are ways to maximize your space without breaking the bank. If you follow these simple tricks your small bathroom will seem open and airy. And in fact you will get a lot of design possibilities in a smaller space that will be in budget.

The great thing about maximizing a small space is that it doesn’t require a complete remodel. Since the space is so small you can choose a unique wall tile that will amaze your guests while still keeping it under budget. You can use some terrific techniques as well as gorgeous glass or ceramic tiles. Transforming your bathroom has never gotten easier. Jeffrey Court Antico Portuguese Tiles will make any bathroom look like an exotic beauty and don’t forget to contact your Plumbtile expert for pricing .


Using large and unique tile shapes especially in white is great for making small spaces brighter and seem more open. You can make your bathroom appear larger without having to increase the square footage. Make sure to use lighter colored tiles. You can use a mixture of designs and lighter tiles for your backsplash to create the allusion of a bigger bathroom.


Plumbtile also offers great lighting features that will allow you to stay within budget. You can choose a bathroom vanity light that is elegant, simple and within budget. A Hudson Valley light will provide enough light to make your bathroom seem larger than it is and create a calming effect for your guests. You want to make sure to add enough lights but not to over power it due to size. You don’t want to blind your guests when they enter.

Think out of the box with your bathroom vanity. You can use a sleek white design or even freshen things up with a Ronbow bathroom vanity cabinet. Both are great options that won’t break the budget.