What to Know Before You Update Your Bathroom Sink


One of the first things you notice when you walk into a bathroom is the sink.  It’s likely the most used fixture in your bathroom is the bathroom sink.  Before deciding to remodel or update your bathroom sink, make sure you choose the sink that’s right for you and your lifestyle.  There are three details about bathroom sinks that need to be thought about before making your decision:  installation, configuration, and material.

  1. Installation – this is how your sink is installed or the type of sink you desire and there are many different types available:
    1. Wall mounted sinks – these are sinks that are affixed to the wall and work well in small bathrooms.  These sinks allow for storage space underneath and can create a larger visual feel.
    2. Pedestal sinks – these are attached to the wall, but the pedestal holds the weight of the sink from underneath.  This sink works well in small bathrooms, but they don’t provide any storage space.
    3. Self rimming or top mount or drop-in sinks – these are different names for the same sink and these sinks are placed into a cutout in the vanity top and secured in place by the rim of the sink.  These allow for closed in storage space underneath.
    4. Undermount sinks – these are mounted underneath the vanity top so the two together create an even surface.
    5. Console sinks – these are similar to a wall mounted sink, but two “legs” at the front of the sink support it.
    6. Vessel sinks – these are free-standing bowls that sit directly on top of the vanity
  2. Configuration – this refers to the compatibility of your sink with the faucets and plumbing you are planning on having – example a three-hole faucet requires a sink with three holes, such as a two-hole faucet requires a sink with two holes.
  3. Material – what a sink is made of not only adds to style and décor, but it has bearing on its durability and ease of maintenance.  These are a few of the different materials available:
    1. Cast Iron – this is a heavy, durable material that’s usually coated with enamel, which creates a smooth surface, is easy to clean, and comes in a variety of different colors, but if banged hard enough, the enamel will chip and expose the cast iron which can lead to rust.
    2. China, Fireclay, or Porcelain – these types of material are durable and easy to clean, although they can chip or crack if hit hard enough.
    3. Glass – this is a primary material for most vessel sinks and it comes in a variety of colors and decorations and is more resistant to cracking or breaking, but it needs to be cleaned after each use so hard water deposits don’t leave spots on the glass.
    4.  Metal – the metal sinks include copper, stainless steel, and brass and can come in different thicknesses to help alleviate the likelihood of denting.
    5. Stone – these sinks can be polished to create a smooth finish for easy cleaning, but darker colors can show spots and they must be sealed to protect the surface from staining.
    6. Concrete – these sinks are heavier than the other types so they may require more support, and they must be sealed to protect it from staining, but they can come in any color you desire.
    7. Solid surface – these sinks are easy to clean and can be made into one solid sink and countertop in one, allowing for more tolerance of everyday use.
    8. Wood or Bamboo – these are more exotic sinks that require oil or a sealer and a little more care to avoid marks and stains, and it also easily dents due to the softness of this material.

With this information, you will now be more informed and can better determine what type of sink you want for your remodel or update.  Keep in mind that there are many different installation types available, with varying faucet configurations and plumbing needs, and that you choose the material that determines the maintenance you want to be responsible for, and make sure to find a sink that will fit your style and décor.  Don’t rush your decision…love your choice and the beautiful bathroom you have created!