Your 2017 Kitchen


The way you decorate your kitchen is a clear indicator of what your preference of style is. Each component you choose builds who you are. From the color of the wall to the textile of your hand towels. But the most crucial indicator of your unique style is your choice in countertops and backsplashes.

What’s Your Countertop?

Every artist needs their space. A painter has his/her canvas. A graphic designer has a laptop. You have your countertop. It’s the crucial area needed for you to work your magic in the kitchen. You need space to prepare all of those delicious meals. With such reasonable costs, depending on the material you choose, it’s easy to install your dream countertops in no time.

The Butcher (Wood & Butcher Blocks)

Remember I said every artist needs their space? They also need the right tools. That can be a brush, a pen or a mouse. Yours just might be a butcher block. And the most efficient kitchen has a butcher-block countertop. This is perfect for the “farmhouse” look and essential for someone that doesn’t want to waste cabinet space on extra items in their kitchen. What’s more, it just looks amazing as a natural element to your house décor.

The Baker (Stone)

Perhaps you’re a baker. Your tool might be a marble countertop. Stone is definitely a durable material and still appealing to the eye! Going this route can still allow you to customize your kitchen by installing natural or even limestone. With the right treatment, and regular cleaning, your stone countertops will be the talk of the town.

The Candlestick Maker? (Ceramic Tile)

Well, not necessarily. But ceramic tile is always the easiest to keep clean and maintain no matter what hobbies you take up; so why not do whatever you want? They’re your countertops! It also provides a very bold look in 2017. Going this way is also kinder to your wallet and will still provide a very trendy and innovative look for a creative hobbyist like yourself.

Backsplash Instead

Okay, so you’re not ready for such a drastic change. Not yet, anyway. I get it. Why not go with a backsplash? With a backsplash, you have so many options of colors and patterns to “up” your kitchen style game.

Go Marbles

Don’t lose your marbles just yet. It just might be the right option for your décor style. If you’re at all like me, I simply can’t choose just one. With this option, there are so many variations of style you can create. So, if your style is everywhere, it’s okay to go marbles!

Be Rebellious

Are you a rebel? Do you like to go against the grain? We’ve got an option for that too. Backsplashes are no longer just a space in between countertops and cabinets. You can use them to frame that window over your sink, or even your ceiling. Go wild! It’s allowed.

Be Colorful

I know what you’re thinking. You’re saying to yourself, “Well, subway tiles are still in. Why are you suggesting I change them?” Color trends change consistently. It’s no longer cool to flaunt the mint green. Get with the shades of grey that everyone else is raving about. It allows you to get naughty with the other color elements of your kitchen without having a clash war.

That Being Said…

If you are anything like me, you spend most of your time in the kitchen. Making it yours has got to be one of the biggest and most worthwhile investments for your home. When you are thinking about a remodel, think about what countertop best fits as your tool of choice, or what backsplash compliments your style, and agrees with the trends of the year. Let your kitchen represent you perfectly in 2017!