Introducing Waterstone’s Fulton Positive Lock Pulldown Faucets

Waterstone's Fulton Faucet

If you are looking for a unique faucet, take a look at Waterstone’s Fulton Contemporary Faucet Suite! The new Fulton Positive Lock Pulldown faucets that are available in industrial and modern styles that come in standard, prep or extended reach sizes to deliver both elegance and functionality.

Since a young age, Robert Fulton who is an American inventor, had been enchanted with steam engines and the appreciation of steamboats. He became a forerunner in the growth of early steamboats. Internationally renowned, Robert Fulton had the ingenuity that created the inspiration behind Waterstone’s Fulton Contemporary Faucet Suite. The Waterstone Fulton Suite’s past and present design image will become the attraction of your contemporary style kitchen with a new sophisticated and modern design.

Waterstone's Fulton Faucets

The Fulton Faucet Collection is the blueprint for today’s modern kitchens. Designed with a modern-day, yet transitional two bend U-Spout. This suite of faucets is offered in solid stainless steel or the option of solid brass construction. Both of these striking and one-of-a-kind faucets are shaped and manufactured for you and your kitchen. Waterstone takes their time to bring out the craftmanship to produce the most flawless faucets to match your specific design and finish wishes. We are sure that you will be pleased with the Fulton faucets and their accessories.

The Fulton’s faucet collection will give you superior functionality wit trusted designs. With a great demand to produce one of their most popular collections, the contemporary Fulton faucets features a pulldown fixture. Their design and engineering team has manufactured a new line of Fulton Positive Lock Pulldown Faucets in just four months! Now that is talent! Also, the Fulton Collection possesses the original Fulton faucet’s modern double bend U-shaped spout design. The new Positive Lock Pulldown incorporates a lean, sleek body for a clean and simplistic look while still applying their ongoing quality.

Contact us today at Plumbtile! We will help you pick out the Fulton faucet that best fits the décor and style of your kitchen. Your kitchen will gleam with sophistication!