How to Lay Border Tile

Is your bathroom boring and bland? Why not try something different and place a unique tile border to bring some life into it. Plumbtile has so many beautiful tiles to choose from to create that elegant brilliant design. Such as one of our amazing brands Raffi Glass, which offers a wide selection of premium glass tile collections available in many different patterns with a unique sense of color and design. Once you have chosen your tile, simply follow the directions below to place it properly.

First you will want to determine the placement. Determine how high you would like your border and where you would like it to start and stop. Make sure to use a level, draw a line at uniform height across the wall. If you’re using individual tile pieces, make sure to leave room for spacers. The best thing to use is painters tape. This will help to ensure the section of the wall that isn’t being tiled.

Let’s go onto step 2. Once you have that figured out you will want to start cutting the tile. You will want to use a tile saw to make the necessary cuts. Then move onto step 3 adhering tile to the walls. You will want to lay out the tiles the same way you want them placed on the wall. Then pick a starting point. Most people choose to start at the corner and then flow down the wall. Spread the tile glue on the wall then pull the trowel back across using the notched end. The grooves give the tile something to adhere to. Press the tile in place. Wipe away any glue that has gotten on the tile.

For the last and final step apply grout. When the glue dries, simply apply the grout the top of the tile using a grout float. You can choose a contrasting color if you want the grout to stand out.  Be sure to wipe away excess grout with a sponge and water. If you have any questions you can contact one of our specialists at Plumbtile.