Historic Elegance of Cheviot Meets Modern Sophistication

Cheviot bathtub

There aren’t many places left where you can still buy a cast iron clawfoot tub, but Cheviot offers this and more. They have many claw foot tubs in several designs as well as bathroom faucets, sinks, and even toilets. Their faucet designs hearken back to an earlier time, but with the sophistication of the modern-day, while their bathroom sinks are as modern as any on the market today.

Would this company be a good option in your desire for an updated and restyled bathroom? Let’s look closer at what they offer.

Cheviot bathroom sinkCheviot’s Products

One of their most popular items is their clawfoot tub, and they offer quite beautiful ones, with intricately designed, metallic feet and many tub motifs. Some of them look like antiques, while others have a more contemporary touch, which is interesting to see on such an obviously old-fashioned tub design. They hardly look old-fashioned when Chevriot does them.

Their bathroom faucets are quite beautiful as well and would go very well with their clawfoot tubs. They are complex like antique faucets but have modern aspects and would make any bathroom look quite sophisticated. If that is the look you are seeking, Cheviot is the right company for you.


Why Choose Cheviot

This company produces high-quality bathroom fixtures, and if you are looking to add old-fashioned, but elegant touches, Cheviot is a company to look into. Their faucets are especially striking and would make any bathroom look miles ahead of most. I


f investing in a tasteful, classic bathroom is completely worth it to you, Cheviot is a great option. Take a look at their website to research whether they are the right style for your dream bathroom.

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