High End Lighting with KEUCO

KEUCO lighted medicine cabinet

KEUCO is a German producer of cabinets, mirrors, faucets, and bathroom accessories! They are the best of the best when it comes to bathroom accessories! KEUCO products are on display in many homes and hotels all over the world. Keuco is a brand that PlumbTile is extremely proud to distribute and has been selling for years!

KEUCO lighted medicine cabinet

Royal Lumos

KEUCO has established new technology with its innovative lighting concepts. With the Royal Lumos, you can have the LED lighting dimmed and the light color adjusted by a touch with a control panel. For daytime use, you adjust to a daylight white light of 6500 K, or for nighttime use, you can choose a warm-white light of 2700 K,

The Royal Lumos also has three different light sources: The main lighting of the rim as well as compartment and washbasin lighting.

KEUCO lighted medicine cabinets

Royal Match

The Royal Match mirror cabinet is made of pure intelligent lighting engineering.  Their mirror cabinets contain individual organized storage space with an engaging design making them the complete mirror cabinet for any bathroom. With premium aluminum edging, this modern design blends with nearly any style. Royal Match also includes LED lighting on the sides that can be dimmed with multiple levels with an electronic sensor switch, and as an indirect source of light.

The inside of the Royal Match mirror cabinet also has many great features such as a stylish rear glass wall, and inside lighting when you open the cabinet. This amazing mirror cabinet also provides easy-to-reach electric sockets. The glass shelving can be adjusted to accommodate your personal height reach. Enjoy an all-around view with its pivoting doors giving you mirrors on both sides.

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