Challenging Bathroom Ideas

It can be challenging designing a small bathroom space. However, there are so many options available that can enhance and make any small bathroom into the most welcoming place in any home. Here are a few ideas to take advantage of.

Clear the Floor. If the cabinetry is taking up a lot room, there are pedestal sink options that can open the space up. For some, this might not be the best option because of the storage space. There are ways around this. A mirror cabinet can be installed in its place to store all of the personals needed in the bathroom. Another option is a wall mounted vanity. It looks very modern, and will still eliminate the clutter on the floor.

One area that is often overlooked in creating more floor space is replacing a square tub with an oval shaped one. Where the tub is rounded off, more storage or décor space is allowed.

Purposeful Décor. Nature never goes out of style. It is very simple and heart-warming to add a small plant to the décor of your small space.

Part of the look of a bathroom is the flooring and walls. Be sure not to have too much busyness. If there is an obvious design or pattern on the tiles, be sure to keep the walls simple. Design overload will provide the appearance of clutter. Clutter makes any space appear smaller.

When choosing lighting, be sure to go as bright as possible. Dimmer colors make any room seem smaller and gloomy. Avoid sconces or any other lighting options that promote clutter. One of the best design choices that take up less space is recessed lighting.

Appropriate Additions. Instead of bulky furniture add-ons, go for tall and slender. This provides the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is. It will also provide you the storage needed without adding to the clutter.

With tall in mind, it is also smart to add vertical designs rather than anything horizontal. This will continue the pattern of tall and slender which provides an appearance of more space. Applying this to wall tiles will also provide your room with a slimming effect.

Placement is everything. A useful hack is to install the towel racks inside the shower. It leaves more wall space throughout the bathroom, keeping things looking less cluttered.

Having an amazing bathroom is now a reachable goal for any shape and size room. All that’s needed are creative ideas, an organized manner and innovative determination to achieve a lively remodel of your small space.