Cleaning Ceramic Floors

With its durability and visual appeal, it’s no wonder ceramic tile is the material of choice. There are ways to maintain it, and keep it looking its best.

Like everything, consistency is key. Taking a broom or vacuum to the ceramic tile weekly is important simply because any sand or dirt particles can take away the amazing shine that was attractive to begin with. Follow this routine by passing a mop using a solution created from detergent and hot water. Sponge mops are not ideal when cleaning a ceramic tile floor. This type of mop shoves the dirt left behind into the grout and darkens its color. Be sure to constantly change out the water being used to mop so as not to leave a dirty film over the tile. Should film end up on the floor, it can be removed by a soft all-purpose cleaner. Avoid extremely harsh chemical based products. Wherever possible, use homemade products to clean the surface.

A huge factor in keeping the visual appeal of ceramic tile floors is the grout. Should the grout get dirty and dark, the entire look of the floor will dim also. There are various grout cleaners to use in avoiding this. Bleach is another option. Like always, when using harsh products, be sure to use gloves to protect your skin. When grout stains are stubborn, allow the cleaner to sit for 10 to 20 minutes, using a small brush to remove when ready.

Often times, the ceramic tile surface can become stained. In this case, use the mentioned solution of detergent with hot water, as well as hydrogen peroxide, gently blotted over the stained area. If the floor inherits a grease stain, use club soda with water. Ink stains can be removed by bleach (that is diluted) via a cloth gently placed over it. It should be kept over the stain until gone.

With the proper consistency and maintenance, ceramic tile flooring can look its best for years to come.