Kitchen Lighting That Fits Your Needs

Lighting is crucial to the ambiance and functionality of a room. Sadly, the room that we think of lighting the least is in the kitchen. As a result, it’s the least important item on a kitchen remodel budget. Without giving it a second thought, many just accept the lighting that is already there, not even realizing that it can completely transform the room if a slight change is made. There are various duties that light plays in a kitchen.

Workspace Lighting. You will see these in pantries so that it’s easier to sort through spices. This type of lighting will also be above a stove, or a butcher’s block to help you have a better view of your food prep.

Additional Lighting. Sometimes recessed lighting is added to provide brightness to your kitchen. The dimmer the room, the smaller it appears. The more light is in a room, the bigger it looks.

Accent Lighting. We all want our kitchens to look amazing. Sometimes a simple decorative light can add just the right amount of character to make the room pop.

Now that the types of lighting have been defined, it’s important to choose the style of lighting that best fits your kitchen. It can make or break the design.

Wall Sconces. With wall sconces in your kitchen, the light will bounce off the ceiling, causing a distinct ambient effect. However, a kitchen shouldn’t be left with just the ambient display. The only areas the light will display is within the vicinity of the sconce, leaving the rest of the room in dim dread.

Shared Lighting. When adding additional light, be sure to determine if the kitchen shares lighting with another room, and how they will both be affected. Themes may need to be considered when attempting to transition from one room to the other.

Multiple Lighting. If your kitchen has an island, consider two pendant lights instead of one. One will only cover a certain amount of area, while two illuminates the entire island.

Shape Matters. To provide a “glow” in your look, choose lighting that has glass set encasing the bulb. Shape is also an important factor to how the light displays in your kitchen. Go with square or drum shapes.

Decorative. Lighting can be provided as décor. Whether it shines on actual art displayed on the wall, or under cabinetry to make them pop, it will be the best option to allow your kitchen to shine.

When done the right way, lighting can bring a special element to your kitchen that will be warm and inviting. In this day and age, when the average home hosts, the kitchen has become one of the most popular gathering places.