Types of Glass Cabinetry

When it comes to the kitchen, no stone should go unturned. This is a room equipped to create memories with family, friends and so many gatherings that can last a lifetime. There have been such a large number of  innovative styles applied to the kitchen that it can be hard to think outside of the box in coming up with an entirely new design. Have you considered glass? Imagine all of the beautiful displays that can be derived from using such a clear element as glass. The great thing about adding glass to your kitchen design is that you don’t have to strip all of your cabinets to achieve the right look.

So what types of options are available for glass cabinetry?

When undergoing this idea, consider the type of glass to be used. There are so many to choose from. Will they be completely clear? Opaque? Will you add texture to the glass? The type of glass you decide to go with will greatly determine how you store and display everything in your kitchen.

Texture. This type of glass can provide a specific design to your glass cabinets. Some of this glass will come with a frost layer. When displaying items in cabinets with a frost layer, they can be seen, but in a blurry state. The same effect takes place when using etched glass. With this option, your storage doesn’t have to be exactly picture perfect, but you can play with placement and color.

Frameless. Just as you would see frameless cabinets that are all wood, this glass option is displayed in the same manner. There is no framework around the actual cabinet door. This option provides a very elegant feel to the cabinet because the only portion you’ll see is glass.

Glass Front. Unlike the frameless option, this glass door is framed with wood, or whatever other material that was used to create the cabinets.

Sliding Glass. Finding it hard to imagine this look? Think about your sliding doors to the backyard. This is a very interesting option to have in your kitchen. It provides a very retro feel that can make any kitchen unique and inviting.

Smart Glass. If you’re trying to make your kitchen seem bigger, why not get rid of the cabinet doors all together and use this glass option? Making shelves into glass will give the illusion of more space by opening up the room.

Stained. If you’re going for a color theme, using stained glass would be the best option for you. Try adding light in the cabinets to provide a unique glow to your room.

Muntins on Glass. This is an upgrade to your glass front cabinets. Adding muntins in a unique design over your glass doors can add character to any room.

Once you have decided which glass is perfect for your cabinets finish off the look with Artisan Knobs. These ceramic knobs are not only functional they are beautiful and real focal point in your kitchen.