Hansgrohe Pulsify Showerhead

Hansgrohe sets the standard for shower products and performance. From shower sets to faucets and accessories, they are a premier international brand. Our strong tradition is built on continuous improvement and innovation – all in service of realizing their dream: making bathing better. Experience the quality, design, and performance of Hansgrohe. From faucets to whole shower systems, you’ll find a variety of finishes, technologies, and configurations to suit your needs. Simply pick the kind of shower experience that best suits you.

The Pulsify shower system by Hansgrohe provides a powerful combination of ergonomic design and uncompromising efficiency. It’s a breakthrough in a steam generation that delivers comfort, relaxation, and well-being.  Create sensational water experiences with Hansgrohe Pulsify showers! From sleek, contemporary design to luxurious features, our shower systems are engineered to enhance your life. Experience exceptional quality, design, and performance with a wide range of finishes and configurations that will complement any bathroom.

Feeling good is important, and showering should be a relaxing experience – especially in the morning. That’s one reason Hansgrohe designed our Pulsify shower system. It transforms water into a gentle cloud of countless microdroplets, enveloping your entire body like a gentle veil of mist. The result is a whisper-quiet shower that soothes the senses while waking up your entire body. Hansgrohe calls this spray mode PowderRain, and Pulsify pampers you with it in two different intensities.

Hansgrohe Pulsify Shower

High pressure, high water-saving, and a comfortable shower experience – with the new Pulsifys, Hansgrohe combines all of these features in one elegant package. The unique “stream of air” function allows you to adjust the water pressure and temperature by simply back-pulsing the shower head: simply slide it up or down to increase or decrease pressure and different pulsating patterns allow you to choose between soft or forceful water flow.

Pulsify is the new family of showers. For people who are looking for a shower with a square design, and no matter what size their bathroom is, Pulsify has got them covered. With their unconventional design, these showers can make any bathroom look different, even in the smallest spaces. It will change how your customers take showers and how they want to feel afterward: invigorated, healthier, and more alert, thanks to the pulsating water flow from Pulsify E.

With the Hansgrohe Pulsify showerhead, you are guaranteed the best shower of your life, every day.  Contact one of our sales specialists today so we can help you experience the shower for your dreams.