Ways to Add Privacy to Your Backyard

Whether you’re looking to block out the neighbors, hide an unattractive view or carve out some dedicated space in your backyard, creating privacy can sometimes be a tricky pursuit. But there are actually a lot of great options depending on your space and your family’s needs. We’ve rounded up our favorite ideas for creating some private spaces in your backyard or on your balcony this summer. No matter what your budget is or how tiny your space is, we’ve got a solution for you.

Portable Partition

Using a portable partition can help create privacy anywhere in your backyard. And best of all, because the partition is easy to move around, you can use it for a variety of functions. Use it to create an area for kids, or use it to create a separate seating area.

Living Wall

Living walls have been getting more and more popular over the past few years and for a good reason; they look fab and do a great job of creating privacy. If you don’t have a green thumb, check in with a local nursery or landscaper to figure out what will work best on your living wall.

Trees & Shrubs

Going natural and choosing trees and shrubs is always a great idea for creating a bit of privacy in your outdoor space. If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, you’re really only limited by your own budget. Again, it’s a good idea to check in with a nursery or landscaper to see what trees or shrubs might best fit your needs. For older homes, you may find that there are already several trees that you can simply add to fill in. If you have a small balcony, you can use potted trees or shrubs to easily block off your space.

Metal Wall Screen

A metal wall screen is a chic and modern solution for a larger backyard area. Coordinating your outdoor lighting will help the metal screens look much more intentional and fit in seamlessly with your outdoor space.

One Tall Hedge

If you don’t want to be troubled with a variety of different trees and shrubs, consider one large, tall hedge as your outdoor privacy solution. This setup can be a great option if you want to create something that looks and feels like a natural outdoor fence. You can choose to go with a taller hedge, or if you have a bit more flexibility, you can buy a slightly shorter one with the intent that it will grow over the next few years.

Fence Screen

To create privacy without entirely blocking off an area from view, try something like a chic fence screen. Instead of placing each piece of wood flush against the last, create the look of a screen by leaving a small amount of space in between each piece of your fencing. It’s a modern, stylish look that could look great with a variety of different homes.


The front entryway to the home features a woven trellis frame and wall for privacy. You can also use your open trellises to allow greenery to grow into it. If you have a balcony, you can add larger trellis pieces to a variety of different potted plants in the hopes that the plants will soon cover it up completely.

Stone Wall

If you’re looking for a more solid and permanent privacy solution in your backyard, consider a stone wall. This option can definitely be quite pricey, so you’ll need a larger budget. However, it’s a lovely choice for a more traditional home in parts of the country where the climate can really take a beating on a traditional wooden fence.

Corrugated Metal Fence

A corrugated metal fence is another modern, unique option for outdoor fencing. This type of fence will often be cheaper than a traditional wood fence, but it looks much slicker than a chain-link fence. Pairing evenly-spaced wood beams with the metal really manages to warm up the metal fence and not leave it looking too stark.

Outdoor Curtains

If you just need to block off a small section of your patio, try outdoor curtains. However, you can also use curtains around an outdoor overhead trellis, gazebo or platform. Just make sure any outdoor curtains you choose are made of weather-resistant outdoor fabric that can withstand the sun and rain.

Outdoor Screen

This outdoor screen is another great option for carving out some space in your backyard. Making a screen that’s a bit higher than your fence gets you a bit more vertical privacy. You can also move it around to different spots throughout your backyard for a party or a large gathering.

Still wanting to add privacy to your backyard, but none of these options ring your bell? Easy, head over to PlumbTile, where our expert employees will be waiting to help you find the option right for you. We understand that privacy is nothing to be taken lightly and want nothing more than to make your home feel safe and private.