High-Tech Showers

Bigger is better when it comes to showers these days. Dual-income families want bigger showers — or at least ones that look bigger — with multiple shower heads so everyone can get ready for work at the same time, but before you run out to look at new showers, you’ll want to know more about what outfitting a large shower entails.

Here’s what you need to know about outfitting a large shower:

  • A larger shower gives the illusion of a greater space being created thanks to the clean lines. Most, if not all, glass shower doors are now frameless for this exact reason.
  • A bench for relaxing in the shower is a popular option. You may be scratching your head at this one, but think about it a little longer. You come home from a long day of work and are so tired you contemplate getting into your bed dirty or you wake up super early and are still tired. A bench in the shower allows you to shower while also sitting, so if you’re tired or can’t stand, this is a perfect solution. Besides a bench in the shower is just cool.
  • Not only are multiple shower heads a growing trend, but so are multiple sprays for each head. Think about how nice that’ll feel. It’ll be a constant head massage that you won’t ever want to leave…until you run out of hot water.
  • Control valves are more sophisticated to meet the demands of multiple shower heads. A thermostat can be preset with one control, while the volume is set with another. Say good-bye to you having either too hot or too cold water!
  • Shower-head options include the European-style hand-held shower head, the oversize rain-shower head, a rain bar consisting of a strip of jets that can be installed vertically or horizontally as a long cross section, and multiple body-spray heads (either three or six are used and customized to spray at knee level, midbody, and shoulder height).
  • However, keep in mind, the more high-tech the shower, the more you’ll be shelling out to pay for it. The cost of a deluxe shower begins at around $15,000.

After reading all of that, are you still interested in turning your shower into a high-tech machine? Easy, head over to PlumbTile, where our expert employees are waiting to aid you in whatever possible. Let us help you create the bathroom of your dreams, one shower at a time.