Waterstone’s Kitchen Faucets

Waterstone Kitchen Faucet

Traditional and contemporary blend together in a way that seamlessly integrates into every type of living space. Waterstone is another customer favorite – reaping the title of our most searched luxury kitchen faucet brand!

With an impressive range of products, all made here in the United States, Waterstone continues to create products for bathrooms and kitchens that echo luxury and sophistication – at a price that is lower than many of its competitors.

Since 1999, our Waterstone has mastered the task of blending art and technology. They have produced the designs everyone loves and then they master the ability to make them tough enough to be worthy of a lifetime of use in your kitchen. They proudly manufacture their products right here in the USA! For years operating their factory right here in Southern California.

Waterstone has Re-Invented the Wheel!

Waterstone Kitchen Faucet

If you are looking for a genuinely one-of-a-kind kitchen faucet, The Wheel Pull Down Kitchen Faucet is the one for your kitchen. The Wheel’s innovative design motivation is from the wheel of a ship and the adventurous spirit of American ingenuity. The Wheel’s pulley spray design is built with the quality and workmanship you would expect from an American made kitchen faucet.

The Shipyard Inspired Gantry Pulldown Faucet

Waterstone Kitchen Faucet

The Waterstone Gantry’s patented design found their inspiration from the massive Gantry cranes in Los Angeles Harbor. These Gantry cranes do the heavy lifting when it comes to unloading cargo from ships. Their Gantry Pulldown Faucet is developed after the size and strength of these cranes. With Waterstone’s ability to bring out the ingenuity and creativity with their surroundings, it made perfect sense mimic a gigantic piece of shipyard machinery and create something stunning.

PlumbTile has had a great partnership with Waterstone, a “Made in America” brand. They are very passionate and proud about every product they manufacture. In today’s world they are unique in that they are a privately owned family business. Contact us today for more details!