Tiles For Your Commercial Space

Eleganza tiles

There is a huge difference between a commercial space and your home, your business flooring has a higher volume of traffic. For this reason alone using tiles are a better choice. When you see shops, office suites or restaurants use wood, carpet, vinyl or laminate for their flooring they are aware that portions of the flooring will need to be replaced after years of use.

If you are looking for a long term solution tile is the best option. Porcelain is better that ceramic because the properties are denser making it harder and it absorbs less water making porcelain virtually waterproof. With a harder tile it can take the impact of things being dropped on it better than ceramic and comes in a large variety of colors and patterns.

Both ceramic and porcelain are easier to maintain and clean, show less wear and tear from foot traffic, carts,  and heavy trolleys or racks. Because of this the cleaning and replacement fees are cut down reducing your overhead (in some businesses significantly).

If you own a boutique or office setting that doesn’t have a large volume of foot traffic you can cut your flooring expenses by using ceramic instead of porcelain. Ceramic tiles come in beautiful colors and styles and can be installed in patterns to compliment your establishment.


When picking out your tiles keep in mind the foot traffic, color and dirt that will be tracked in. A glossy, plain colored tile will show the dirt more and require it to be cleaned more often throughout the day. You might want to choose a tile with a design or texture such as terrazzo or Spanish tile. This type hides the dirt and scuff marks because the design. It is also very pleasing to the eye and adds a bit of class and old world style to your establishment.

Look at your floors as your clients and customers would. Usually it is the first thing they see so first impressions are worth the time it take to pick the perfect tile.