Today’s Flooring Options

Tile floor

Today’s flooring options are not only durable in nature but have an elegant touch to their appearance. Choose among the most popular designs early in your remodel. Floor and wall tiles are popular, elegant, and timelessly stylish interior design and decorating materials. Modern floor and wall tile designs offer wonderful ways to add a splash of colors, unique decoration patterns, and interesting textures to home interiors, especially bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and entryways.

Floor and wall tiles are universally appealing, practical, and very decorative finishing materials that are versatile and suitable for any interior design and decorating. Modern Living room designs look luxurious, comfortable, and unusual with floor tiles, heated floors,s and expensive floor carpets.

Modern tile designs vary dramatically and are available in numerous different types, sizes, colors, textures, styles, and prices. Modern tile design trends help to select the best floor or wall tiles for your interior design and decorating projects. The top floor and wall tile design trends include contemporary and traditional wall tile designs that make a statement, turning ordinary rooms into stylish home interiors.

Some of the New Flooring Trends can be:


Bamboo has been around for a long time, but what we are seeing lately is an explosion of colors and styles. While technically a fast-growing grass, bamboo is as hard or harder than most hardwoods when dried.

Wood flooring

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaiming wood involves turning timbers and beams from old buildings into flooring materials. What is being seen is more and more flooring is classic looks using new technology.  A perfect example of that is reclaimed hardwood.

Large-Format Tile

In the world of tile, we are seeing an explosion of sizes, shapes, materials, and patterns. Particularly popular these days, are large-format tiles. These are tiles that come 12″ x 24″ and even 36″ x 36”, as opposed to the tried-and-true 12″ x 12″ tiles.



The call for green or environmentally friendly products has driven a renewed interest in cork flooring for the home. Selected primarily for its amazing acoustic-insulating qualities, cork flooring also is much more comfortable to walk on than traditional hardwood and most certainly tile.

Luxury Vinyl

When you hear the term ‘luxury vinyl,’ don’t think about the peel-and-stick products people used to install. Luxury vinyl is a new category of flooring that combines the high-end look of hardwood (or stone) with the durability of vinyl.



Trendy, sleek, and durable as time itself, concrete flooring jumped from bare-bones utilitarian to chic in a New York minute. Thanks to a multitude of available colors, textures, and finishes, concrete can adapt to almost any decor. Of course, it helps to already have the concrete in place. carries glass, stone, and tile products made by major brand designers from around the world. Featuring collections from glass, tile, and stone firms such asAdex TileAmerica UniversalCosa MarbleHirsch GlassJeffrey CourtSpec Ceramics, and Stone & Pewter Accents, Plumbtile stocks a selection to satisfy all glass, tile, and stone product needs. Shop our online store today for your flooring needs.