Spruce Up Your Home This Spring!

Hirsch Glass Tile Walls

How About Adding Some Sparkle?

It is spring time! This can mean renovation time for your home! One easy way to bring in a new style is to update with new tile walls. You have picked your main color scheme, but it still could use some accents to tie it all together. You like this, love that, and just can’t figure out what it is missing. A certain flare, a style all your own to set your bathroom design apart from all others. You don’t just want your project to look good, you want AMAZING! Plumbtile has your answer: Metal tile art from Saint-Gaudens.

Montrose Large Crystal, SilvertoneSaint-Gaudens strives to produce the most beautifully designed, highest quality decorative tiles and hardware. Like any fine art, the beauty of the work is directly related to the skill of the sculptor/designer: Valerie Saint-Gaudens’ goal, in her jewelry design career and now in tile and hardware design, is to bring beauty into people’s lives and environments. Saint Gaundens offers four different lines to choose from: the Bronze Line with solid bronze decorative tiles, liners and hardware, the Harmony Line with contemporary tile designs in solid bronze, the Balboa Bronze with handmade ceramic tiles with solid bronze decorative overlays, and the Avalon Glass with handmade art glass tiles.


Prado Liner, Compass Rose with Ocean and Ocean WaveClose your eyes and imagine walking into your newly renovated bath for the first time. His and her matching bathroom sinks, the soft white glow from the sconces over your whirlpool tub, the towel warmer in the corner fresh with clean linens, just begging you to use them. It is all so much more beautiful than you ever could have imagined. Your eyes scan the room, but it is always the tile accents that keep turning your head. You just can’t wait to show off these beauties to your friends.


Stone accented with bronze jewels, solid bronze tiles with inlaid crystals, handmade glass art tiles, are all at your fingertips and customizable to your liking. Choose your stone, choose your finish, and choose your jewels. It’s like picking out jewelry for your home. Wait, did you say that you wanted your hardware to match? No problem, we can do it all.