Renovation Needs For Your 2018 Bathroom

When it comes to renovations, sometimes the simplest change in hardware and accessories can provide a complete transformation to a room. Each year there is something fresh and innovative to keep your bathroom up to date.

What is new in bathroom trends?

Matt Grey Tiles. Grey has become the go to color for simple walls and decor. It has replaced the simple beige of yesterday. Now, the color gray has become popular in tiles. Tiles dominated the bathroom for as long as anyone could remember. They came in all colors, even the dreaded canary yellow. They also came very glossy. The glossier the better. Today, the trendy look is quite the opposite. Instead of the shine and overbearingly bright colors, the sought out look is gray and matt. This provides a very classy touch to your bathroom without overwhelming it with the color and shine most of us grew up with in our own homes.

Multi-color Peranakan Strip. In the past, using this tile in a large capacity can make a bold statement and had been widely sought after. In today’s design, less is always better. Still in demand, peranakan strips can be used in your bathroom and make it look modern. Everything in moderation, of course. You can choose a design that is over the top, or as simple as desired. These strips can be used as an accent piece to a simple natural wall, adding a sophisticated touch that can change the entire ambiance of your bathroom.

Statement Shower Stalls. As time progresses, designers have become more brass with their ideas. You can now have a statement wall in your shower stall. There are no limits to design ideas. It can replace the need for a shower curtain, which can be replaced with a glass door, allowing the design to remain on display for all to see. This can become the focal point of your bathroom in a very unique way.

Sliding Glass Partitions. In today’s bathroom, you are more than likely going to find partitions that separate the wash area from the water closet. It’s a very appealing feature that is useful in smaller spaces where you can’t have an entirely different room or closet to differentiate areas. Partitions are very useful. However, a new twist to this accent is the glass partition. This is definitely a trend that is just taking shape, and is sure to become one of the most popular design trends this year. Aside from the aesthetics of simple and clear glass, the ease and practicality of a movable partition is very appealing to a changing bathroom.

Black Fixtures. Seasons come and go. We’ve experienced the stainless steel, the chrome and other shiny hardware. Now black fixtures are in. Not only black, but matt. When accenting your entire bathroom with black matt fixtures, you are adding a very sophisticated, classy feel to your room. It’s amazing how a simple change can completely upgrade your space.