Kitchen Faucets with Side Sprayers

It is time to update your kitchen, you have the flooring, countertops, appliances and backsplash picked out and it is stunning…until you get to the sink. Now comes the hard part, picking out the new faucets. Have you gone into a store and looked at the WALL of faucets? It can be very taunting!

So, you are standing in front of that wall and you are slowly eliminating your options and you have decided on the finish and style but now you have to decide on the spray feature. You really like the pull-down feature but unless you get a high-end one you could face the issues of the sprayer not going back together over time. A side sprayer it is!

A faucet with a side spray like another small faucet. It has a long hose that can be pulled out, easily maneuvered to spray your sink and get your pots and pans.

There are two benefits with a faucet with a side sprayer. The first one is that the sprayer enables you to spray water with more control over the direction. The second one is power of the direct spray. You get the best from washing your vegetables or scrubbing your pots and pans with a side spray.

Waterstone Faucet

Still not convinced. Here are some benefits of a side sprayer:

  • Beautiful styles that work with all faucet and kitchen looks
  • You are able to have spray capabilities to your current faucet
  • You have an older faucet with a hole already and need to fill
  • You can still keep that traditional style you love or shake it up with a new look

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