Choosing Your Cabinet Hinges

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While no one ever gets to see them, hinges are very vital to the functionality of the kitchen. There is definitely a right and wrong hinge to purchase for your project. So how do you know which hinge to choose? Here are a few things to add to your checklist when shopping for the right one.

What is your Cabinet Type? There are face-frame and frameless cabinets. Being the most common style in America, Face-frames attach to the front edges of the case. Hinges mount to the face frame. With frameless, hinges mount to the cabinet interior.

Have you determined your door overlay? Consider where the door is positioned in relation to the way your cabinet will open. This will reflect differently with face-frames and frameless cabinets. Overlay is self-explanatory. These doors will cover the cabinets completely. Inset doors are very different. These will fit inside the cabinet opening.

Do you want the hinge to show? There are some acceptable designs that will allow for the hinges to be a part of the aesthetics. This will be dependent on the cabinets you choose. There are concealed hinges that will not be seen at all in the design. Another option is semi-concealed, which reveals a very small portion of the hinge. The last option is the exposed hinge, that is vital to the design and will be visible on all cabinetry.

What type of hinge do you want? One option to go with is the Butt Hinge. This is one of the most traditional. It is comprised of two plates, one that holds place on the door, and the other on the cabinet itself. A Deluxe (adjustable mount) butt hinge has long mount slots with flexibility to adjust your doors in various ways. If these are not to your liking, another option is the European hinge. It’s a more concealed hinge that is popular on frameless cabinets.

While there are many hinges to choose from, there is only one that is suitable for your design. Don’t get unhinged! Visit Plumbtile today to determine which is the best for your project.