Increase Your Home Value By Upgrading Your Bath

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You can add style and value to your bathroom by simply changing out and upgrading your flooring and fixtures in your bathroom. These easy fixes can not only change the look and feel of the space, but can help you increase your home value. You can choose from a variety of flooring, fixtures, and finishes to make your bathroom space more modern, spa-like, or traditional. Follow these design ideas to increase value in your home – upgrade your bath!


Modern Marvel
Uniformity throughout a home helps to add to its beauty. In the case of increasing value in your home, it can also help to add value when your flooring appears to be consistent. This is especially true if you have or want a modern look in your bathroom. Decorate your bathroom in a variety of colors and use storage containers that are made of glass, metal, or various colors. With the design tips below, you can always choose beautiful, eco-friendly options that are modern and stunning to look at.

Flooring Tip – If they do not already match or look consistent, change the flooring in your bath to match that of the rest of your home. For example, if you have wood flooring throughout your home then add wood grain tile to your bathroom flooring.

Bathroom Fixtures – Use wall-mounted hardware for your bathroom faucets, and select sleek basins for your sinks.

Shower and Bath Tub – For a very modern look, install glass shower walls for your shower and update your bath tub to a nice sleek tub with straight lines.


Serene Spa
Nothing sells potential buyers on a space than it feeling tranquil and serene. Upgrading your bathroom to feel more like a spa is as simple as adding a few natural touches. You can start with the décor using white cotton towels, bamboo or other wood accents, and candles.

Flooring Tip – While uniformity throughout a home is great for resale, so is adding unique flooring for a tranquil bathroom space. Actual or simulated natural flooring, such as bamboo, is a wonderful option and instantly changes the feel of the entire room.

Bathroom Fixtures – Using options, such as hands-free faucets, and pedestal sinks add to the clean feel of a spa-like bathroom. Keep the hardware simple and elegant.

Shower and Bath Tub – For a true spa feel and experience in your bathroom, use a jetted or hydro tub. In your shower, add stone or natural tiles.

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Traditional Bath
If making your bathroom modern or like a spa is not your idea of the perfect space (or upgrade) then consider keeping your bathroom traditional. There are several options for keeping the space traditional while adding value.

Flooring Tip – There’s flexibility in flooring options. You can keep the flooring uniform with the rest of the house, bring in tile, or use nice laminate flooring with a simple pattern. In addition, using check print tiles or laminate in the bath can keep it feeling very traditional. The options are quite limitless depending on how traditional or contemporary traditional you’d like to go.

Bathroom Fixtures – Vanities with double sinks keep your bathroom looking traditional while increasing value. In addition, consider using simple hardware for your drawers or storage space. They can be elegant or simple and classic.

Shower and Bath Tub – The sky is the limit with traditional touches when it comes to bath and shower selections, from neutral colors or subway tiles for the shower stall to claw foot tubs. Classic and traditional touches can combine to not only add style and class, but increase value.

You can use whatever design style you’d like to update and upgrade your bathroom space. It will help increase your home value without having to do a major renovation.