Happy Floor Tiles: Inspired by Nature

Happy Floors tiles

Happy Floors Tile is a national distributor with a heavy emphasis on providing customers with environmentally responsible products, using recyclable material, ensuring that they only have a minimal negative impact on the environment. These floors are designed to appeal to a variety of people, with options designed for home, business, indoor, and outdoor uses. 

There is literally no part of your home that you cannot beautify with this tasteful tile. These floors are eco-friendly, meaning that you can give yourself a big pat on the back for helping to conserve our planet’s natural resources. There are many collections you can choose from of Happy Floors Tile. Each collection will bring a different hue of color and style to any room in your home:

Happy Floors tiles

  • The Eternity collection is a rustic line that values sophistication. The extent of its visual quality creates a charming display that is both visually attractive as well as useful for high-traffic areas.
  • The Fitch collection is a strikingly realistic stone look-alike collection of porcelain tile. This beautiful collection’s primary vision in nature. This collection brings rich earth tones varying from white to black with rich patterns, this highly sought-after collection is desired for its dazzling tones and alluring texture.
  • The Kaleido collection is a linear stone-look line with a variation. With a wide range of neutral tones ranging from a warm white to a cool black and harmonizing mosaics. This collection has a  minor glimmer of an amazing style veining.
  • The Pietra d’ Assisi collection offers classic stone-inspired attractiveness and modern porcelain performance. This stylish tile flooring collection brings inspiration from the travertine and slate stone of the Italian countryside.

Happy Floor tiles

There are many more collections of Happy Floors you can choose from.  Now you too can have a beautiful looking home, with tile flooring so gorgeous it will give you pride for the rest of your life. With a tile floor by Happy Floors, a home becomes a place of elegance and class.

Contact us today at Plumbtile so we can help you pick the best Happy Floors collection that will suit your home today!