Harrington Brass Decorative Faucets

Harrington Brass faucet

Harrington Brass provides both bathroom and kitchen faucets as well as accessories. Their decorative faucets seek to combine both beautiful designs with functionality, and they seem to do the design part well. Their faucets incorporate the complex elements of older designs with the sleek materials of the modern age and would look quite nice in a modern bathroom with traditional elements. They also have beautiful porcelain hand showers and other products that could make your bathroom really stand out.

Let’s take a look at what this company does well to see if it is worthwhile to invest in them.

Harrington Brass faucets

Their Products

Based on their designs, Harrington Brass would be a great place to get a faucet that hearkens back to earlier ages. Their style reminds you of the beautiful faucets of the early 20th century with their attention to detail. If you have an older house and would like to keep its integrity, Harrington Brass is a great company to research. However, it looks like their attempts at more modern styles fall a little flat. There’s something uninteresting about these designs; it’s like their ear is not on the heartbeat of the modern age. That’s perfectly okay because their other designs are beautiful and don’t look dated: they look like modern, sleek interpretations of faucets of earlier days.

Harrington Brass faucet

Great Place to Find Throwback Faucets

Harrington Brass is a great place to find bathroom faucets that evoke an earlier time with the stylistic elements of the 20th century. For many, this is the kind of faucet they are looking for, so this company is definitely worth the look. For extremely modern, simple, and industrial faucets, this company is not the one to go to. But for many with nostalgia for earlier times, Harrington Brass could have the faucets they seek.