Luxury Fixtures from Stone Forest

Stone Forest sink

You will be impressed by the rawness of Stone Forest products! If you never experienced solid rock kitchen and bath fixtures before, you need to see Stone Forest! These luxury bath fixtures and other products will make an impression on you!

The best part about stone bathtubs is the sense of weight and power they symbolize. Obviously, a beautiful pedestal sink has a presence that can’t be denied. The stone fixtures all have natural history and elegance inherently, but the bathtub makes itself a centerpiece automatically. Making it the focal center of your design would be a huge step forward in revitalizing your bathroom. It’s raw and beautiful, yet it still has a highly refined feel to it due to the finishing process.

Each piece is unique, hand-carved with a hammer and chisel, and then inspected so that they are of assured quality. Stone Forest products are made in the USA using traditional Japanese as well as in-house designs. Japanese stylings are almost always timeless, and the products available here are no exception. Of course, this isn’t the type of rock you’d find anywhere. Stone Forest only uses granite in their production and is married to handpicking their materials.

Stone Forest Sink

A lot of customers’ favorites of Stone Forest are the farmhouse sinks. They are huge and come in many finishes, so a rough-hewn stone look isn’t your only choice in your kitchen decoration. However, getting the rough finish is an incredible statement, which is sure to be unique amongst your friends.

Stone Forest’s products are quite versatile in accommodating your current setup. If you have a faucet or spout already installed, you can purchase a solo basin. is an industry leader in supplying decorative bath, kitchen, and plumbing supplies, accessories, and hardware. We are renowned for our dedicated customer service and competitive pricing for premium products. We pride ourselves in our choice inventory and our dedication to giving our customers the best possible service and experience.