Beautiful Kitchen Without The Maintenance

Many have an idea of what their dream kitchen looks like. But before starting the remodel, they may come to a complete halt thinking about the amount of effort it takes to keep them looking breathtaking and clean. It’s obvious; who doesn’t want the gorgeous countertops without the effort? So how can you have your cake and eat it too? There are many other options besides granite that will make your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood.

Engineered Stone. Another word for this particular option is quartz. It is made up of stones bound by polymer resin. It is not easily scratched or stained. The only effort needed to put into keeping this looking amazing is a simple wipe down.

Soapstone. Are you looking for durability? Look no more. This stone doesn’t even flinch to heat. It does not absorb much bacteria and is incorruptible to stains. Maintenance for this stone is also a simple wipe down. There is only one downside, and that is becoming darker with age. If you’re wanting to keep your surfaces bright and shiny, there are very simple ways to maintain that.

Laminate. Laminate countertops are very attractive, and may surprise the skeptics. Today’s laminate material is durable, easy to maintain and very pleasing to the eye. You may not even realize they are laminate unless told.

EcoTop. Are you green? This is the countertop for you. This eco-friendly countertop option is durable, won’t scratch or fade. It is another easy wipe down option for your unique kitchen.

Zinc. This is another countertop option that darkens over time. However, unlike stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about fingerprints and other stubborn stains. This material is very resistant to bacteria, and maintenance is close to setting and forgetting.

Lava Stone. With so many new options of easy maintenance, Lave Stone is also very resistant to bacteria. In fact, it’s probably the most popular and hard to find. And even if you do find it, there’s a guaranteed waiting list. That should say something about its quality.

Recycled glass. Were you sold on the eco-friendly option? This is also a green choice. They are easy to clean; and almost impossible to stain.

With all these new options, it is safe to say that a dream kitchen can actually be a reality. And you won’t have to quit your day job to maintain it.