AXOR Circular Bathroom Accessories

AXOR Circular Accessories

The AXOR Universal Circular Accessories form the final touch to the bathroom in your home. They complete your AXOR range – or can be added to any other area of your home. Every individual accessory features a unique design statement.

Whether in the bathroom or the laundry room, with AXOR Universal Circular Accessories there are so many possibilities. Use it to organize your toiletries or hang your towels and clothes on the rack. The range is complete with toothbrush tumblers, rings for keys, and door holders. Each individual accessory is a unique design object.

AXOR circular towel ring

Circular Towel Holder

The AXOR Universal Circular bath towel holder is the perfect partner for the AXOR Universal Circular sink faucet. Its clean, simple design creates a striking focal point in any bathroom. This round towel holder features two circular escutcheons that are held in place by four cylindrical hinges and eight stainless steel fasteners. Its smooth, seamless form can be paired with a classic white towel bar or any of the other accessories from the AXOR Universal Circular Accessories program.

AXOR Circular Mirror

Circular Mirror

The AXOR Universal Circular mirrors shine the light on your bathroom. The large and elegant wall mirror is perfect for creating a luxurious bathroom feeling, while the circular shaving mirror helps you achieve a perfect shave every day. Stand out with Cube. AXOR Universal Circular mirrors are the perfect addition to any washroom and give your bathroom a touch of modern luxury. Go with Chrome to match your faucets or go matt black for a more understated look that still stands out from the crowd.

AXOR Circular accessores

Circular Accessories

Available in two finishes, the AXOR Universal Circular Accessories complement a wide range of designs. The large and small tissue boxes are finely accented with chrome. A small waste bin can be wall mounted horizontally or vertically, while the larger drum can be used as an alternative to a waste bin or as a trash can underneath the vanity. These accessories also include soap dispensers and can be used to hold cotton balls or as open storage containers. The program also includes paper roll holders that attach directly to most AXOR shower systems and toilet brushes in a range of sizes – all available in chrome or polished brass.

AXOR Circular towel ring

Circular Towel Ring

The AXOR Universal Circular towel ring is a true design classic, timeless by design. Featuring corners rounded like quarter-circles, this rectangular accessory extends the circular theme and is compatible with a wide range of AXOR bathroom products. Available in a wide range of AXOR FinishPlus surfaces including Polished Gold Optic as well as matching collections, this all-rounder offers you plenty of options to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Circular Soap Dispenser

Circular Soap Dispenser

Our AXOR Universal Circular Accessories feature a liquid-soap dispenser that is both highly functional and beautiful to behold. It can be used in the wash basin or shower, making it an elegant addition to any home with its push button for dispensing. We encourage you to see for yourself how this beautiful piece of design will add beauty to your home. This dispenser’s minimalist tubular form, perfectly round and exquisitely finished, exemplifies the manufacturing excellence of this soap dispenser.

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