Add ThermaSol’s Steam Shower to Your Bathroom

ThermaSol shower

ThermaSol is the original steam shower producer. With three generations of Altmans directing ThermaSol, this company is known for redefining the modern steam showers proficiency through a revolutionary blend of technology and engineering capabilities.

The company’s story of steam modernization can be tracked by David Altman, who created, constructed, and set the first electric steam bath in an apartment on Park Avenue in 1958. Then Murray Altman’s acquirement of the ThermaSol steam bath group in 1989, as well as Mitch Altman’s current leadership has created some of the trade’s most technologically cutting-edge steam shower products today. ThermaSol’s latest line of products carries an established guarantee forward, with smart technology that makes the multi-sensory shower experience simpler and more seamless than ever.

ThermaSol's steam shower

ThermaSol’s Wellness Packages

ThermaSol’s wellness packages will make it easier for you to create your very own personal smart shower and wellness atmosphere. With ThermaSol’s advanced product line that brings together smart home technology, engineering, and functional design, you can turn your bathroom into an intimate spa.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate smart shower, a steamy spa experience, or a mixture of both, we have a package to suit your style. ThermaSol’s wellness packages include a steam package, shower package, and smart showers.

ThermaSol's rainhead

ThermaSol’s Rainheads

Enhance your spa-like experience in the shower with ThermaSol’s Rainheads their new HydroVive. This modernized showerhead comes in an amazing 18″x18″ size, 300 easy-clean jets, state-of-the-art speakers, and full-spectrum lighting. ThermaSol’s lately new design with its Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead with two rows of 82 jets, integrated lighting, and more.

ThermaSol’s Shower Fixtures

ThermaSol’s new shower fixtures have been designed to go along with any of today’s most popular contemporary bathroom designs which come in 5 finishes. You have your choice of either round or square bundles that include a hand shower, shower rail, shower hose, wall shower arm, rain canopy, and body sprays.

You can also choose ThermaSol’s other accessories such as shower seats, mirrors, Bluetooth speakers, and shower lights! Contact us at and we will help you pick out the package that will turn your bathroom into a spa-like experience for you every day!