Set a Trend with Tiles from Trend


Trend tiles

Trend tiles have been used in the homes for centuries.  They are known for its materials, remarkable look, and the fact that they are easy to clean and take care of.  So many homeowners decorate their rooms with Trend tiles to give that impressive appearance in their home. Trend tiles are available in more colors and designs than ever, as well as textures and materials.

Trend tiles

When looking for tiles, you want a variety to choose from. To get that trendy look that you are looking for, you might want to check out Trend. Trend is an international manufacturer and distributor of mosaic tile collections produced in recycled glass, 24 carat gold and venetian enamel. It also produces engineered agglomerates containing recycled fragmented glass, quartz, and granite.

With Trends tiles, there is more than enough tiles to choose from. There is the Ambercream which is made by using up to 64% post-consumer recycled glass. Green is more than a color when it comes to Trend Tiles. The lightness of the material, combined with its outstanding technical properties, allows for a variety of uses, especially in those environments where weight is critical, like apartments, ships, and partition walls.

Trend tiles

Discover the Hexagonal, a semi-transparent molten glass mosaic tessera, enriched with sparkling enamels and aventurine stone. The combination of the two glass colors allows the classic veining to look on the surface. Variants in color between the tesserae is a peculiarity of the product, which make the shell dynamic and asymmetrical. The translucent effect of the hexagonal mosaic makes a dazzling brightness and transparency, especially when enhanced by room lights.

Trend supplies products suitable for the decoration of private spaces, urban areas and works of art. Trend tiles are great for backsplash appliques, wall tile, floor tile, countertops, aquatic tile, patio tile, and entryway tile.

Stop by today to see the variety of Trend tiles for your next tile project.