Trends for Homes On The Market

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Are you looking to sell your home? Do you wonder what is appealing to homebuyers? Some of these designs may surprise you while others are obvious for both buyers and sellers. When choosing a home, buyers are really looking for specific features. Now you can’t offer up every single feature on their list but I’m sure you can choose the right ones and hit their top priorities.

The main feature that home buyers are really looking for is an open floor plan. When you walk in you can see the front to the back of the house while having the kitchen, dining, and living rooms open to your guests.

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The second top trend is a more modern design. A modern design is more of clean lines and with no additional details. You can use art deco, shaker style, or mission-style furnishings or cabinets. The use of chrome and stainless steel makes up a big part of modern design. The biggest part of a modern design is the lack of clutter and bold accents.

Another eye-raiser is having a first-floor master bedroom with a master bathroom. Many people shy away from master bedrooms that are located on another floor. Nine times out of ten they will purchase a home with a master bedroom on the first floor. Now obviously, you can’t demo your home if it is on the second floor. What you can do is create the best master bedroom known to mankind. A master suite and kitchen are the most important features home buyers look for. Be sure to check out Plumbtile for all your master bath needs. You will find the best quality products that will leave your buyers wanting more!

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While there are many more features that homebuyers look for a top feature on their list would be the flooring. Homebuyers are looking for amazing flooring throughout the home. They do not want vinyl flooring in any home they choose to purchase. Beautiful wood or tile flooring is a must-have. Plumbtile has the greatest selection to choose from.