Summer Is Almost Here, Time to Spruce Up Your Pool!

One of the best features of your house can be your swimming pool. In the summer your living space is expanded to your outdoor living space, patios, decks and pools. When you look out your window to your pool are you excited by what you see or are you thinking, THAT could be any pool in any hotel/motel? Nothing fancy, exciting or particularly beautiful about it.

Well you are in luck! Plumbtile has all the best tiles to make that pool exciting, beautiful and the perfect spot to spend your long summer days with friends and family.

As with any renovation or remodeling project you have to plan, shop and execute. If you plan the areas of your pool you want to renovate first the shopping and execution will be a breeze. The most obvious first step is to replace the existing tile, it is old, cracked and outdated.


One of the most important aspect about tiles around a pool is to make sure it is not only beautiful but also slip resistant. Eleganza offers a variety of styles in porcelain tiles for outdoor use. If the pool is a tiled pool or if the plaster needs to be refinished think about replacing the existing tile or add tile with a more decorative tile or even create a beautiful mosaic.

Mosaics add a beautiful, fun and creative feature to the pool. A mosaic can be anything from animals to a design representing the family to just adding a simple pattern to give the pool a pop of color. Fujiwa offers fun sea creature accent tiles.




Coping is the area that is between the pool and the deck or patio, in older pools it is usually brick, concrete or even a small pebble. You can now use the time to add a different type of material, fix any loose, cracked or damaged border material.


Patio and decks are often overlooked when renovations are needed. It is usually the last on the list and left with the smallest budgets. Happy Floors has many different styles and colors to work with. After all your hard work it is now time to relax and enjoy your outdoor space!

Let us help you upgrade your pool so you can have a relaxing summer in the sun! Contact us today!

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