Steps to Your Perfect Spa


With winter here, it doesn’t mean your rest and relaxation has to be over. There are many ways to convert your bath into a year-round getaway. Follow these steps and you will achieve your own personal spa! 

  1. Color. What you see is what you get. So, if the bathroom walls are boring egg shell, there’s not going to be much comfort and relaxation. The best way to go is simple. Choose a color that provides an ambiance of peace. Nature colors are very calming. Decide from greens, browns and grays. Neutral colors are especially better for smaller bathrooms. The lighter, the better; this gives the illusion of more space.
  2. Lighting. With late night soaks in the tub, it is always appropriate to use recessed ceiling lights or wall sconces. Even better, lights with dim control. Lower lighting will provide a very calming effect. Be sure to have a professional do this install, since major electric work goes into it.
  3. Wood Tile. Wood tile always provides a feeling of comfort, and will definitely provide a very spa-like look to the bathroom. There are many new alternatives to wood that won’t warp or wear. One example is faux wood tile, which looks like wood, but is actually ceramic or porcelain. With various designs and wood-like patterns, it’s sure to add some warmth to the spa design of your bath.
  4. Remove Clutter. Remove the stress of clutter. Find places to hide toiletries and other daily used products to give your countertop a cleaner look. While in smaller bathrooms, this might be difficult, there are many products that can be purchased to store necessities away in a convenient manner. In situations where displaying your personal items is unavoidable, purchase accessories for storage that look like part of the décor like the products from Dezi Home.
  5. Bathing Options. Nothing says spa like a deep soaking tub. Before, the only way to have one of these was in a large bathroom. However, there are new designs that will fit in any size space.
  6. Not a tub person? There are other options. Consider a massage shower head. It’s something that most people will use daily, and doesn’t take up much space.
  7. Smell and Sound. Aromatherapy is key. Strategically place the candle of your choice in your bathroom for that relaxing feel that is well deserved. Oil diffusers can also be used for a more safety conscious home. In addition to relaxing aroma, add a Bluetooth speaker or small radio to your bathroom for soothing sounds.

Converting a bathroom space into a spa is not very far-fetched. By looking into affordable options with fixtures and easy renovations, a sanctuary can be created in no time.