Pros and Cons of Vessel Faucets


With all faucets there are pros and cons. What is a vessel faucet you might ask? Well a vessel sink faucet is taller in height clears the high rim of the vessel sink basin. Because the vessel sinks are placed above countertops you would not be able to use a traditional faucet.


Beautiful addition: Because the vessel faucet comes is a variety of colors and shapes, it creates a stunning refined look when paired with a vessel sink basin. The vessel faucets are available in polished, brushed and matte finishes. The most beautiful of all of the faucets is the waterfall faucet in which a flip of the lever causes a wide sheet of water to fall gently into the vessel sink, bearing resemblance to a real waterfall.

Easy Installation/ Changeability:The vessel faucet is any easy installation. Therefore, you can avoid costly and difficult sink cut-outs. A great feature is that you only need one hole cut out for the drain. Because vessel sinks are not stuck in place they are easily changeable at any time.

Easy Cleaning: Vessel sink faucets are very easy to clean. Most materials are not as easily cleaned, and leaves abrasive scratches. But the vessel faucet is made from metal and ceramic which are easily cleaned with detergent and a cloth.


Although there are many advantages to the vessel sink faucets there are some disadvantages you may want to consider before making your purchase.

Durability: Because of the exposed edges of the basin, they are prone to chipping and breakage. Vessel sinks are secured only at one point, rather than the entire perimeter. A recessed vessel sink, which sinks about half-way into the vanity but not as far as a drop-in sink, adds greater stability.

Overflow: Vessel sinks do not come with overflow relief drains. This can create splashing and overflow issues. Be careful to watch the water level.

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