Acknowledging Kartell by Laufen


Kartell by LAUFEN’ is a bathroom which brings together the material essence and technological innovations of two companies: Italian furniture company Kartell and its use of plastic applied to the production of furniture; and Swiss specialist LAUFEN for its expertise in the production of ceramic bathroom pieces, designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, integrated architecture is an interconnected ecosystem where bathtubs, faucets, lights, sanitary-ware, shower bases, shelving, washbasins and other furniture components: cupboards, footstools, mirrors, tables…coexist, with maximum flexibility. Kartell and LAUFEN are together launching an integrated and complete bathroom project. A co-designed project nurtured by the intense dialogue between the enlightened customer on the one hand the award-winning designers Ludovica Roberto Palomba on the other, who have earned themselves the merit of having reinvented the concept of the bathroom.

Italian brand, Kartell, well-known for their use of plastic materials, and Laufen, legendary Kartell26_LBox1000x750Swiss makers of ceramic bathroom fixtures, joined forces to bring a new type of collection to the bathroom. Years of research went into the development of the collection, including the introduction of SaphirKeramik, a new, lightweight material that allows for fixtures to be super thin and weighing half that of normal ceramics.

The result is clear to see – ceramics with thin, almost live edges, the grooves in (solid surface) baths that house LEDS for chromotherapy, surfaces treated with enamels in sophisticated colors, drain outlets that are invisible, hidden below essential slots, and assembly systems that are as innovative as they are easy. Then there’s the monumental, transparency, and purity of the elements, that take an ideal view of architectural volumes, while projecting these objects onto an exceptionally light horizon.

Kartell by laufen wins award! 

Less than a year after its debut on the market, Kartell by Laufen wins the EDIDA 2014 in PlatinumAwardthe Bathroom category.

Laufen announced that two of its recent collections have been recognized with awards for design excellence from ADEX. The Kartell by Laufen collection was honored with the Platinum 2014 ADEX Award and the revolutionary SaphirKeramik ceramic was recognized with Gold.

The Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX Awards) are bestowed annually and constitute the largest and most prestigious awards program for product design of furniture, fixtures and finishes marketed to the design trade.

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