Going Green In Your Home

Go Green

Today the environment plays a dramatic role in design and our daily lives. It’s important to develop good habits and use environmentally friendly solutions for the home. There are so many ways you can create healthy living. Plumbtile offers many products that will help guide you in the right direction. You can choose from  energy-efficient products, food preparation, cleaning habits, and using equipment made from sustainable materials. Here are some simple solutions for a healthy home and green living.

  1. Choose Green Flooring and Cabinets.

  2. Eco-friendly products such as bamboo are an excellent way to give your kitchen a new look at the same time as using renewable materials. Plumbtile carries some great eco-friendly products such as a Ronbow – Arden 12 Inch Eco-Friendly Freestanding Bathroom Storage Drawer Bank. It is made of durable, water resistant, eco-friendly Strawboard material. And has a superior multi-step polyurethane finish that provides a durable finish. Another fun way to make your kitchen green is to use recycled materials, such as recycled timbers for flooring.

Some of the manufacturers Plumbtile carries that offer green products are: TOTO, California Faucets, Hansgrohe, Grohe, Duravit, Hastings, and Native Trails.

  1. Install Green Products.

  2. Some ideas for your kitchen and bathroom you can install water closets that are coded at 1.5 gallons per flush. Use two level flush systems. One for liquid waste, uses less than a gallon, and one for the solid waste. You can also try using a Bidet, a very hygienic plumbing fixture that replaces need for a daily shower. Plumbtile also carries waterless urinals, sensor faucets for residential use are a smart idea and tankless water heaters are quick, clean and saves water.

Making your bathroom and kitchen green is a pretty simple process and can be achieved with the smallest of changes. You can make this so much fun and just think of how you are helping the environment. Not to mention the money you will be saving by choosing all of the energy efficient products.

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