Aquabrass Water Therapy

Aquabrass Cura showerhead

Life is complex and it’s hard to find the time to get away from it all. But if you’re ready for a mental and physical boost, look to the clear waters of Cura Aquademy and Cura rainheads. At Aquabrass, they combine hydrotherapy, aquarobics, resistance training, and massage therapies to help you feel like you’ve escaped for a day…right in your own bathtub!

Aquabrass Cura Showerhead

Water Therapy

Whether you are looking to relax, unwind or just find some me time, our rainheads provide a range of options to fit your exact needs. Whether it be the sensation of a tropical cascade, the soft drops of a mist gently falling on your skin, or the massage effects of a drenching rainfall, we have an array of water jet options to fit with your exact needs.


Introduce a brighter and healthier lifestyle to your home with Cura’s Chromatherapy products. Aquabrass Chromatherapy collection provides the perfect balance between color, light and music to evoke healing. Chromatherapy is an age-old form of healing that mixes color and light to help you feel at ease. That’s why Aquabrass made Cura, a lamp that’s easy to use and lets you choose from ten different colors and four levels of brightness.


For those looking for a natural alternative to enhance well-being, Cura Aquademy offers a choice of three fragrances in its rainhead system. Each fragrance comes with a wall-mounted diffuser that gently perfumes your shower experience. Indulge in one of Cura Aromatherapy’s signature treatments, designed to relax and rejuvenate your body. Cura Aromatherapy combines essential oils with rain shower heads in a botanical bath that enhances well-being.

Aquabrass Cura Showerhead

Cura Rainheads

Aquabrass Cura Aquademy offers a full range of aqua therapy products and services that help clients achieve balance and wellness. Cura rainheads are proven water-saving devices that can improve the efficiency, comfort, and safety of any showering experience. Cura Rainhead are for use with Aquademy. These rainheads are designed to be used in the shower and have multiple spray settings. The rainheads can be easily adjusted to create more focused or wider spray patterns.

Aquabrass Cura 25 offers a cascade of soft, cascading water. The Cura 25-inch recessed rainhead with three functions – rain, mist, and cascading chute. This rainhead has a chromatherapy system with seven colors and an adjustable light program. It is made from stainless steel which is durable, easy to clean and extends the life of the product. The thermostatic valve required (minimum of 3 volume controls) will regulate the temperature flow rate for your bathtub or shower enclosure.

The Cura 24-Inch Rain Shower Head is composed of a technologically advanced rain shower head, aromatherapy diffuser, and wall mount digital touchpad. Aquabrass Cura 24″ x 24″ recessed rainhead is a sleek rain showerhead that features four modes to pamper you – central rain, complete rain, curtain rain, and mist. The Cura’s chromatherapy system features 16 color shades from 6 RGB LED lamps that create a fully immersive rain shower experience for your bathing pleasure. Its aromatherapy system has 3 scents: floral, relax, energy (wall mount diffuser included). The device features an exclusive multi-function button: central rain (from its main shower head), complete rain (from the others), curtain rain (7 total nozzles), and mist setting (3). The Cura’s stainless steel construction ensures lasting beauty.

We have the water therapy you need in your life! Contact us today and we will help you pick out the best Cura Rainhead for your bathroom today.