Amba’s Elegant Collections for Your Home


If you are thinking about elegance and functionality in your bathroom, don’t forget about the luxuries that you can add. We upgrade our bathrooms and add new sinks, tubs, toilets and shelves. But there are new additions to your bathroom by Amba. Amba was founded 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia. Amba designed products with America in mind.

The designers at Amba wanted to make sure that every home in North America had a heated towel rack in their bathroom. What is more luxurious than that? They wanted to make sure that they were affordable for the average American. Most of the elite part of the world could afford such extravagance. Amba has changed that. Amba is one of the first companies to establish a high quality, high end product at affordable costs. Plumbtile is ecstatic to be able to carry these amazing heated towel racks for their consumers.

Amba Collections

Plumbtile carries eleven different Amba Collections for their customers. Each collection features specific style, designs, and functionality. The collections Plumbtile carries are Amba Antus Collection, Amba Elory Collection, Amba Jeeves Collection, Amba Quadro Collection, Amba Radiant Collection, Amba Sirio Collection, Amba Solo Collection, Amba Swivel Collection, Amba Traditional Collection, and the Amba Vega Collection.

The Amba Antus heated towel bar is a large, dual-purpose Towel Warmer and Radiator features small, round horizontal bars. It has a total of 32 wide bars and can hold several towels, while keeping a bathroom warm, dry and mildew free. Another great feature is it has a digital heat controller with 9 temperature settings.

The Amba Elory Collction is a modern design towel warmer features a flat panel. The large surface area is perfect for warming and drying 2 towels. This unit also has an integrated digital heat controller that has a programmable time and 9 temperature settings.

Make sure to visit Plumbtile to check out all of our Amba Collections. One of our specialists is standing by to assist you with any questions and to help you choose the perfect product for your bathroom.