8 Things That Make Your House Look Dated

No one wants someone to come into their house and tell them that their bathroom or kitchen needs updating or worse that everything they have makes the home look dated. Trends come and go out of style quicker than a dog downs a dog treat. That doesn’t mean that because you have something one day and it goes out of style the next day that you should just get rid of everything and start over. Here is a list of 8 things that are currently out of style and can make your home look so 2010.

  1. DIY Pallet Furniture

While the appeal of pallet projects is easy enough to understand, there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” A single, upcycled pallet piece is fine, but when your entire home is comprised of wooden weekend projects, it’s time to reassess. Update your space by repurposing excess project pieces for outdoor use or completely reimagine the wood with high-gloss paint and simple, modern hardware.

  1. Copious Copper

It’s sad, but true. We are officially over the all-things-copper trend and now anything of the sort just appears so last year. Our advice? Stick to the authentic copper cookware in the kitchen, but play with various metallic (and matte) finishes like brass candlesticks, silver knobs and matte black picture frames.

  1. White Appliances

Gone are the days of white fridges and dishwashers. In their place? Stainless steel, sleek stale and matte black finishes. These industrial-style appliances appear much more streamlines and up-to-date while adding a touch of luxe to your space. Plus, they’re much easier to keep clean.

  1. Chev-wrong

RIP Chevron. It was fun while it lasted but it is so over. In fact, you should RIP the chevron wallpaper off your walls, like ASAP. Toss out any pillowcases and throws, while you’re at it, too Replace this played-out pattern from circa 2011 with a fresh coat of paint or if you have it in your budget mix new paint with glass tile on the wall and your house will look brand new.

  1. Brown + Bronze Kitchens

Bronze, brown and no-so-beautiful, this kind of kitchen has seen its day. The dark hues that were oh-so-popular 10 years ago now feel a bit overbearing. Air out your kitchen with light-colored cabinets, countertops and updated fixtures and appliances to match. For warmth, incorporate bronze and copper cookware, a fiery runner or a pretty-potted plant.

  1. Sterile, Snowy + Silver

White on white on white (with a smidge of silver) became the “it” look for kitchens everywhere over the last couple of years. The ultra-modern look was stylish for a moment, but living in these snowy spaces just feels impractical. Defrost your digs and embrace a more “homey,” lived-in look by incorporating warm grays, greige, terracotta tile and even deep, navy blue cabinetry.

  1. Textured Ceiling

The dreaded popcorn ceilings will never come back. Still, there are other unsightly, textured ceilings that are lurking in homes across the world. Rid your space of this eyesore and draw the eye to your texture-free ceiling instead with unique beams or coffered ceilings.

  1. Worn Out Phrases

We live, we laugh and we love. But we don’t need to plaster that fact all over our homes. Rather than go down the well-traveled “live, laugh, love” path, select phrases that are more personal, sincere or applicable. Artfully-displayed wedding vows are an ultra-romantic example of loving text that will never feel worn out.

Like I mentioned above, just because these are out of style, it doesn’t mean that you need to rid your home of every single one of these. Instead choose the ones that are the biggest eyesores. When searching for new material to go in your home, consider looking at PlumbTile for your home needs. Our expert staff will be able to help you choose the best material for your home, while making sure to keep prices low!