5 Kitchen Styles and How to Find the One for You


Style is very easy to recognize with your eyes – it’s easy to tell a modern kitchen design from a rustic one – but often harder to decide what style o=is best for you. After all, you will be equally drawn to chrome as you are to aged wood. Here are 5 of the top kitchen styles, and a few tips on how to decide which is right one for you.

Interior Of Farmouse KitchenFarmhouse Kitchens.

Farmhouse kitchens are typically warm and homey, with a focus on comfort and family gatherings. They feature open shelving, large kitchen sink, classic materials and kitchen flooring (such as wood and atone), and large kitchen tables. Great colors in a farmhouse kitchen are: warm red, burnt orange, brown, pale blue, cream, and white.

Rustic Kitchens.great-kitchen-cabinets-12

Rustic kitchens are similar to farmhouse kitchens, except they feature “worn” and distressed materials. Think of distress wood and rough-cut brick. They also tend to be the hub of the family in the home, and are designed with easy functionality in mind. Natural lighting, island counters, and the table as the centerpiece are great ideas for a rustic kitchen. Colors would include warm red, natural brown, dark brown, earthy greens, and taupe.

Modern KitchenModern Kitchens.

Definitions of “modern” vary widely, but when we think of modern kitchen designs, we often think of frameless cabinets, sleek and simple furniture and kitchen hardware, strong lines and a lack of ornamentation. These types of kitchens are at home in fast-paced lives and do not typically feature tables or kitchen islands. They do, however, have lots of kitchen lighting and some of the finest materials. Colors for a modern kitchen are white, chrome, bright red, black, and yellow.

Traditional/Classic Kitchens.

Traditional or Classic kitchens are defined by their muted color tones, classic finishes, and other elements that create a blank slate for homeowners. Traditional colors are white, black, pale yellow, mint, and beige. The furnishings you use are much more up to your interpretation.

kitchen design pinterestContemporary Kitchens.

Contemporary kitchens can be very sleek, but while a purely modern kitchen often celebrates structure and grid, a contemporary kitchen is often more playful in form and finishes, including elements of other styles and creating its own reflection of the times. The colors for this style of kitchen include white, cream, taupe, mint, blue, and yellow.

Choosing between the styles can be frustrating, but it comes down to a few things: the size of your kitchen, how you plan to use your kitchen, and the materials that most appeal to you. Considering all of these options will help you narrow down your options and create the perfect kitchen style for your life.

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