5 Easy, Cheap, Rent-Friendly Ways to Improve Any Kitchen

If you’ve been renting a place for at least 3 months, you’ll know that renting is the worst. You might have moved into a place that is tuck in the 80s, or maybe your home has great modern bones, but there’s no way you can add your own creative embellishments without your security deposit disappearing faster than you can say ‘smashed avocado’.

Great news – there are easy ways to improve the look of your home, specifically the kitchen. And I don’t mean tips that cost a thousand dollars or ones that take hours to do. Here are 5 easy, low cost, and importantly, rent-friendly tips and tricks.

  1. Display Framed Prints

Hanging prints (or resting them on shelves) is a beautiful way to bring some creativity and personality into your kitchen – and they don’t have to cost a fortune. If you are worried about hanging prints on the wall, there are adhesive hooks and poster strips available that don’t peel off wall paint… seriously, they exist. Head to the hardware store ASAP and pick them up.

Budget Tip: find cheaper old prints at op shops, garage sales and market.

  1. Add or Change the Lighting:

If you sigh every time you turn on that blue-tones, fluorescent kitchen light, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. This could be as simple as purchasing a vintage style bulb or changing from a cool to warm light bulb. If you can spend a few bucks, pick up a new light – either a floor or desk lamp – and place it in a neat spot on the kitchen bench. You could even ask the landlord if you could change to light fixture to really transform the kitchen.

Budget Tip: pick up cheap yet quirky lamps and light bulbs from Kmart and Target.

  1. Make a Kitchen Island:

Got an old desk lying around, or have you found one on clean-up day? If you’ve always wanted a portable kitchen island, now is the time. Finish it off by painting your island with a light layer of chalk paint and using sandpaper to buff areas away.

  1. Polish Your Sink:

It might not sound like much, but I guarantee you that a sparkling clean sink does in fact make your kitchen look at least three times better.

  1. Add a Rug:

Who says you can’t have a rug in the kitchen? A budget-friendly rug is a great way to add a cosy, colorful vide to your cooking space. Plus, it’s a bit warmer in the winter which makes getting up to make breakfast that little bit easier.

The experts at PlumbTile can even aid those people who are renting. Of course, before making any major renovations to your kitchen, double check with your landlord. Once you have their approval, bring your ideas to PlumbTile and they will help you make your kitchen look as good as possible.