Who Says Your Bathroom Sinks Have To Be Plain Jane?


This is 2017 and you are finally going to remodel that bathroom but who says you have to have the same old same old plain Jane style bathroom sink? You want something elegant yet different than the one you had and the ones your friends and family have.

You are a modern traditionalist and you want something new and refreshing. You want to make a statement! What better way to do that than to get a sink bowl! Sinks come in all shapes and sizes from the porcelain and ceramic ones that sit inside your vanity to the bowls that sit on top of the counters. The design of these bathroom sinks really make that WOW statement you have been looking for from your more traditions materials such as glass and metal to a more contemporary material like stone or wood to the modern sleekness of a solid surface sink.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You can’t go wrong with a glass sink, they come in many different colors, shapes and sizes that would be the perfect addition to any bathroom no matter what the design of the bathroom is. Tempered glass is the most common bathroom sink bowl because of the durability of the material to resist chips, cracks and shattering. Another appealing material is metal, the most common is stainless steel, copper and brass. When choosing this material, you can get it in different thickness but keep in mind the thinner the metal the more likely it will dent. So, if you are using this material in a bathroom used predominately for family and guests you might want to think about a thicker sink so it isn’t accidentally damaged.


lenova-bamboo-bathroom-sinks-250Now if you are a naturalist or nature lover you will really love this next option, stone or wood. Both beautiful bathroom sinks and will make a splash in your bathroom. Stone can come two ways smooth and textured surfaces and are sealed to prevent damage from hard water stains. Wood sinks give you that rustic outdoors feel to the bathroom. The wood is treated and oiled and also sealed to prevent damage from the water and come in multiple shapes, sizes and stains.

But we can’t forget the solid surface sink, this sink can come in make shapes and sizes that will make your bathroom perfect! They are very easy to maintain and clean, they give you that traditional look with the contemporary style you crave.

These sinks sit on top of the counter and the faucets can be mounted behind the sink like a tradition vanity or from the wall for that extra something special look. Regardless of the material you choose these sinks are by far the prettiest, unusually creative way to give you bathroom that special lift you were looking for!