Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen

Kitchen items

As time progresses, so does design. Kitchen design does not stay behind. But sometimes it can feel overwhelming to keep up with the latest trends. Especially when considering doing the renovations yourself, it can be difficult to adopt a new style for your own kitchen. One new trend is the open shelving look.

How can this look benefit your kitchen?

It offers minimalism. This style is very simple. It doesn’t require much to attain it. The latest trend is simple, and you can’t get any simpler than the open shelving look.

It makes it look like you have more space. Being in an open space is going to feel roomier than a room with lots of partitions. The same goes for a kitchen with many doors and cabinets. Having no cabinet doors provides a lighter, airier feel to the room.

What are the benefits of open shelving?

Customization. Because there is a high demand for contemporary kitchens, the open shelving concept is starting to pop up a lot more than ever before. In addition, there are more living spaces that share dining, living room, and kitchen space. Because of this, open shelves allow your kitchen to feel less cluttered and bulky. This also diminishes the restrictions to customizable design that kitchen cabinets often push on the homeowner.

Accessibility. Because open shelving causes your items to be more on display, it can provide you easier access to your items used on a regular basis. The average homeowner only uses a small percentage of what is in their pantry day today. When it comes to spices, they can be rehoused in beautiful glass jars. The same with pasta and grains. In this way, they will function as easily accessible food items as well as decor. Be sure to jot down a list of items that you absolutely use daily to determine which you’d like to have at an easy reach. The most used items can be nicely displayed along with other personal artifacts that can bring all the rooms together without any eyesores.

Pleasing design. Especially when sharing space with the dining room and living space, a kitchen should be easy to tie in seamlessly. With open shelving, it is easier to incorporate items that can bring some commonality by adding a small vase or quote canvas. There are so much more design options with open shelving than there are with normally closed cabinets. You can even display unique kitchenware or rare pot collections.

Flexibility. Another unique perk for open shelving is that it can be built over or around windows. This can provide you with extra shelving space without over cluttering the room. It opens a door to an entirely different type of design and layout. These shelves can also be built over an island in your kitchen without closing the room off altogether at the same time acting as a partition.

There are many ways to modernize your kitchen. New sinks, faucets, and accessories can make a whole new kitchen come to life!