Watermark Faucet VS Moen Faucet



Bathrooms can be traditional or glamorous as you want them to be. Have you ever went into a bathroom at a luxurious high end hotel or resort and wanted that bathroom in your home? With a couple of decor changes and updates like a new bathroom faucet can get you the look you want for your home or master bathroom. 

Today we are going to take a look at two different, but reputable faucet designers. You can not go wrong with choosing a bathroom faucet from Watermark Faucets or Moen Faucets. Both offer a remarkable faucet that is both fashionable as well as durable.


The Benefits of Watermark Faucets

Sutton-slide-showAt Watermark the faucets are designed by architects, designers and developers who all work side by side together to plan and fabricate tailored bath fittings and accessories. Watermark products are incorporated into some of the nation’s most distinguished hotels and high rise residential developments.

True manufacturing and inspired hands-on design result in distinctive product creations. With Watermark bathroom faucets you can pick from many different faucet designs such as widespread, wall, single or two hole deck mount, elevated widespread and centerspread. You can also pick from many finishes such as antique brass, aged nickel, charcoal, gun metal, hammered pewter and many more!


The Benefits of Moen Faucets

article-spotresistMoen bathroom faucets will leave a lasting impression with bathroom faucets that blend quality design with striking elegance. With Moen faucets you can spend less time cleaning with Moen’s Spot Resist Stainless and Brushed Nickel finishes because it prevents water spots and fingerprints.

With the Moen M•PACT common valve system, you can change the style of your faucet or shower as easily as changing a light bulb, saving you time, money and calling a plumber because you do not have to change any of the plumbing. Just simply untwist your current fixture from the top to remove, choose any M•PACT style fixture you like and just lock the new faucet right into place.


Choosing one of these designer bathroom faucets will definitely bring style and glamour to your bathroom with materials and design that will make your bathroom stand out!