“Walk-in” to Style – Tub to Shower Conversion

Bathtub to shower conversions is extremely popular today. A tub to shower conversion update yields you with a lower maintenance option and provides safe accessibility.

Before starting this remodel, you should know that it is a financial commitment. It is recommended by many real estate agents that if your home only has one bathtub, keep it to preserve marketability. Of course, opting for a shower-only home is your choice.

Tile Selection

There are several factors to consider when choosing tile for your shower. Tile is available in various shapes, styles, and prices. You will need to consider your budget and determine the size and types of tile desired. Allow your personality to come through. Do not miss this as an excellent opportunity to create a focal point in the bathroom.

Is maintenance a driving factor in tile choice? The larger the tile, the better. Select stone slabs or back-painted glass for the reduction of grout lines. Eleganza – Gemstone offers a variety of sizes, colors, and tile finishes.

Shower Door Options

Access your shower space for the shower door. This will determine how the door opens. Measure twice to ensure the accuracy of measurements. This is a critical step.

Now to decide if you want a frame or frameless, a hinged or sliding door, and the type of glass. A framed shower door is a more cost-effective option. For smaller bathrooms, frameless would be the better option as it will provide a larger overall feel to the bathroom.

Hinged shower doors, often referred to pivot shower doors, open outward. Be aware of bathroom fixtures that may interfere with the functionality of a hinged door.

A sliding door is a practical option for smaller bathrooms as well. Sliding doors have evolved from the days of frosted glass and gawky frame. Oceania has numerous timeless selections to choose from.

Using your Head

There is a wide array of showerheads on the market. All showerheads require different psi for optimal water pressure. Quite often showerheads include easily adjustable settings on the head. These are typically the main four categories if showerheads:

  • Standard Wall-Mount
  • Hand-held
  • Ceiling (or “Rain)
  • Shower Panels

Shower sets systems have become quite sophisticated over the years with the development of  thermostatic shower systems. If you are looking for a spa experience, then look no further. Graff – M-Series has brought the luxury of the spa to your home.

If you want to get rid of that dirty, outdated bathtub, then PlumbTile is here to bring you the best products to withstand the test of time. We do it all!