Update Date Your Kitchen!

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Update Your Kitchen!

With so many options out there, 2021 is the year to show off your style and creativity in the kitchen! Replace that old backsplash, the worn flooring, paint in bright beautiful colors and replace the lighting to turn your outdated kitchen into a fabulous modern space. Plumbtile has everything you need to make the transformation.

Tile has come a long way baby! No more just the plain simple tile you can now replace your backsplash with glass tile that adds a different look to your kitchen. Glass tile costs more money but as a backsplash, it won’t break the bank. Raffi Glass Tile has some of the most beautiful and interesting tile that can be used as a backsplash or focus tile.

IMaret tiles for kitchenf you are looking for something earthier Manet Tile has beautiful mosaics that can be used as backsplashes, wall art, or even focal tiles for the floor. Or if you are in love with metal tiles Landmark Metal has wonderful designs.

Another way to highlight your kitchen is the use of contrasting colors, if you use bright or light paint for the room highlight it with areas of dark, warm colors and tile. You can even paint or tile an accent wall to bring your kitchen to life and add drama to the room!

2017 trends are focused on sleek, modern, handsfree and uncluttered spaces but that doesn’t have to mean plan, simple or unattractive. Upgrade that laminate countertop replacing it with quartz, if you like the clean, sleek lines think about redesigning your kitchen to focus on the industrial look utilizing wood, stone, and concrete.

Remove the clutter from your countertops by adding hidden storage features. Hide the small kitchen appliances normally kept on the countertops and create a nook for the toaster and coffee maker. Cabinets are now being made with tall pantries, deep drawers, and high-quality storage features.

You can do a little or a lot to your kitchen but with so many choices, materials and designs you will be able to turn that old kitchen and make it new again! Stop by Plumbtile and let us help you make the kitchen of your dreams!